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Fowzia Siddiqui's Address to the JFAC London Demonstration

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Dear friends,


It is my honour and privilege to be able to send you this message.



I want to thank each and every one of you who took the time and had the courage to come today and attend this event that will discuss the travesty of justice and inhuman treatment suffered by Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, who to me is simply my little sister Aafia.


Today marks the completion of 2 years from 86 years of the outrageous and brutal sentence. It is a sad day for all who believe in justice, that such an injustice can prevail and two whole years can go by without correction.


I, on behalf of our family and the growing base of supporters worldwide appreciate the efforts of all of you striving for Aafia in the UK.


The only point I really want to make is to let you all know that your efforts, voices and actions do make a difference and in the end will be a decisive factor in getting Aafia home and reunited with her children.  I say this not just for the sake of making a positive statement but because we have a track record of success based on this.


Ten years ago, Aafia's nightmare began when she and her three young children aged from 6 years to only 6 months of age were brutally kidnapped and forcibly disappeared from the streets of Karachi, the very city I am writing to you from.  We were told to remain silent and trust the government and all will be home soon.  Days became weeks and months turned to years.  Finally all were given up for dead.  But it was persistent activists and a few brave journalists who uncovered the fact that Aafia was alive.


The point is that when people shed their fear and speak out, those that run the world from shadows become terrified that a light may be shed on their evil underneath their masks of piety and claims of championing freedom and maintaining "stability".


Today we have accomplished something that very few families of renditioned and disappeared persons can say:  We have found 3 of the 4 who were taken.  While Aafia still has to make the final journey to total freedom, she is at least not in some black site that democratic governments run but claim do not exist.  This does not diminish the psychological torture and abusive treatment she still suffers in solitary conditions daily at the hands of the sadistic officials at Carswell prison. Unfortunately this is legally sanctioned.


And then there are two of Aafia's children who are now free. Any time people tell me that the fight is hopeless or if I feel down, I just look at them and they are the proof of what victory and success is.  And they are here,  Ahmed and Mariam, living miracles.


All this is because of God's mercy and the help of courageous people like you.


Sadly, baby Suleman is still missing and the struggle for Aafia is constantly sabotaged with a massive misinformation campaign.  Yet our support base keeps growing and expanding numerically and geographically.  

This is not because Aafia was famous or we were a "brand" family.  This is because she simply cared for people and so it has touched the hearts of people because in Aafia they can see themselves and their daughters, sisters, wives and mothers.  I believe this what makes her case so human at its core and why no matter what lies are manufactured and however many resources are spent, the power of the truth of her story will prevail and it will take the support of people like you to make the difference.


May God bless each and every one of you and give you all peace, prosperity and happiness in your lives.


Just saying thank you for giving up a part of your weekend to support my sister Aafia cannot describe the depths of my gratitude. While my words may fail me, my God does not. I pray that his love, mercy, and blessings follow all of you.  Ameen.

Fowzia Siddiqui

23rd September 2012