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We are asking concerned individuals to contact the Embassy of Pakistan, to voice their concern over the attack on the Siddiqui’s family watchman at their home in Pakistan.


Phone: 202-243-6500

E-mail: info@embassyofpakistanusa.org

020 7664 9200
Email: mrp@phclondon.org

 H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas High Commissioner : 020 7664 9227

Dr Israr Hussain Deputy High Commissioner : 020 7664 9233

Mr. Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri Minister Political : 020 7664 9269

In your communication please express your concern regarding the safety of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s family in Karachi, Pakistan; and demand that the Pakistani government do more to get their citizen released and returned home where she belongs.

Attack on Aafia’s house regrettable, role of politicians disappointing: Asmat

Karachi, Feb 16: Asmat Siddiqui, the mother of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, here Tuesday said that the attack of terrorists on the house of Dr Aafia in Karachi and the threats to the family are a message to them to keep silent on the issue of Aafia.

In a statement here Tuesday she said that the politicians have disappointed the nation on the issue of Aafia. They only did politics on her name. She appealed to the chief of army, Staff Gen Raheel Sharif, to play his role in bringing home Aafia and become immortal in history like Muhammad Bin Qasim. She said after a successful We Love Aafia walk, in which thousands of citizens participated, the mysterious attack on the house of Aafia is regrettable.

Briefing the media on the details of the attack of terrorists on her house, Asmat Siddiqui said on the night between Monday and Tuesday at 3:00am, three unknown armed terrorists reached her house. They fed the dog some intoxicating substance and later beat up a volunteer of the Aafia Movement, Amir, who was guarding the house.

The terrorists asked Amir to tell them in which rooms the children of Aafia reside and which schools they attend. When Amir refused to reply to their questions, they told him they already knew. Then he was tortured mercilessly and fell unconscious. Between 6 and 7:00am when the occupants of the house came out, they found Amir injured and trussed [tied] up with ropes.

Dr Fowzia said police were informed about the incident. She asked which type of national security plan is this, in which the citizens are not provided any security. She said 13 years ago, on the day after the kidnapping of Aafia Siddiqui [and her children], we were also told to keep silent; otherwise, four dead bodies would be found on the back street of their house. She said this threat is being employed again “to pressure us not to raise our voices for the release of Aafia Siddiqui.”